Where Investment Performance & Purpose Align

We are engaged investors seeking opportunities that deliver competitive returns and social and environmental impacts.

What We Do

Better Portfolios for a Better World

Through our rigorous research, experienced portfolio management, and active engagement across sectors and continents, we are fostering the transition to a more just, sustainable economy.

Our Impact

Pioneers of ESG Investing

Founded in 2003, we’re an independent, women-led and majority-employee-owned firm activating investor capital toward solutions for people and planet.

Who We Are

A Conviction to Improve Economic and Social Health Locally and Globally

We engage companies to pivot away from harmful activities, inequitable policies, and climate risks. Because better ESG performance is the foundation for healthier communities and a more prosperous planet.

What We Believe
Our Offerings
We offer a variety of sustainable investment strategies that implement our Comprehensive ESG Guidelines, as well as solutions for clients whose missions and values require a custom approach.
What We Do

Customized Portfolio Management

Engagement and Impact Reporting

Personalized Asset Allocation Plan

Detailed Fund Performance Reporting

Quarterly Updates on Investment Strategies

Shareholder Engagement Initiatives and Successes

Your investments can generate financial returns and create positive impact.

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