Proxy Season

As lead proponent, Boston Common is delighted that it has come to an agreement with American Water Works to withdraw its 2020 proxy season lobbying disclosure resolution. This concludes Boston Common’s 2020 proxy voting season. “We are pleased to have successfully withdrawn all our 2020 proxy season resolutions where we have played a lead role,” states Lauren Compere, Managing Director of Shareholder Engagement at Boston Common.

2020 Resolutions Filed

Boston Common was the lead filer on the following resolutions, and all were successfully withdrawn this proxy season.

Issue Area Company
Lobbying DisclosureAmerican Water Works, Oracle
Board DiversityCarlisle Companies
Climate ChangeHD Supply

Our most recent success is with American Water Works, which agreed to expand its disclosure on board oversight of lobbying activities, including writing an annual report to the Board of Directors and expanding disclosure of its direct and indirect lobbying expenditures. Additionally, American Water Works’ lobbying oversight will be included in the company’s 2021 proxy statement. “This moves the company to be more in line with Oracle and Verizon Communications, which we had successful dialogues with in 2019 on lobbying practices, including enhanced oversight and disclosure,” stated Lauren Compere, Managing Director.

We look forward to continuing the dialogue in 2020 and beyond with American Water Works and all the companies we filed resolutions with on their progress and core sustainability practices.

Published On: March 20, 2020Categories: In the News