Celebrating 20 years of ESG-Integrated Investing

20-Year Shareholder Engagement Timeline

2023 marks our 20th year as an ESG-integrated investor and leader in corporate shareholder engagement. Two decades of innovative initiatives and company dialogues have made a lasting impact on corporate policies and practices.


Two Decades of Climate Leadership

Boston Common’s History of Decarbonizing Portfolios

Boston Common AM is a leading investor voice on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues. Before climate change was a mainstream concern, we engaged companies to improve operations, reduce GHG emissions, and increase efficiency. We avoid investments in the worst contributors to climate change, choosing instead to invest in companies focused on renewable energy, climate change mitigation and adaptation, process efficiency, and economic circularity.

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ESG in Emerging Markets

Unlocking Sustainable Growth

The Emerging Markets strategy report highlights decade-long engagements with diversified portfolio companies.

Key themes include:

  • ESG investing in Emerging Markets (“EM”) is evolving from traditional risk mitigation to alpha generation.
  • EM companies are leading sustainability adopters on the global ESG stage.
  • Shareholder Engagement has helped raise the bar on ESG—at the company, regulatory, & exchange levels.

“We always felt we were part of a movement that we needed to build. We were completing finance.”

Geeta Aiyer
Founder & President

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