8th Annual Impact Report

Boston Common’s Shareholder Engagement Impact, June 2024

Dear Reader,

Boston Common’s Shareholder Engagement work in 2023 impacted companies worldwide. By leading initiatives and collaborating with stakeholders, we advanced corporate progress on ESG issues. But our efforts were not limited to corporations alone. We also addressed policymakers, advocating for increased standardization and enhanced corporate ESG disclosure practices that support investment decision-making.

Whether engaged in dialogues with portfolio companies or persuading policymakers to use influence responsibly, we aim to act as a resource, offering best practice insights and global peer comparisons on ESG issues. Our sustained engagement approach led to incremental progress and meaningful advancements in 2023, evidence of our role as experts and leaders on ESG issues worldwide. In 2023 and in the years ahead, we will continue to use our resources to create positive corporate change, activating investor capital toward solutions for people and the planet.

With Gratitude,

Compere, Lauren

Lauren Compere,

Managing Director, Head of Stewardship & Engagement

Report Highlights

Ethical AI

As co-leading, founding investors of the World Benchmarking Alliance Ethical Collective Impact Coalition, we have helped oversee a 58% increase in adoption of Ethical AI principles among benchmarked companies.

Net Zero

We engaged the highest relative contributors to portfolio emissions and companies without climate targets across all strategies, resulting in a 14% increase in internationally aligned targets since 2021.


We developed a Biodiversity Policy and completed a biodiversity assessment, which will inform our ESG research and engagement priorities in 2024 and beyond.


In our latest assessment, the UN PRI awarded us a five-star rating in two core categories in 2023: Policy, Governance, & Strategy, and Active Fundamental.

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