Our Philosophy

“We believe the integration of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) research into our investment process allows us to identify leading companies with potential to outperform their peers. Furthermore, as engaged, active investors, we have a seat at the table to improve a company’s fundamentals.”

~ Matt Zalosh, CIO, International Equities

Our investment philosophy is rooted in our belief that a long-term view is necessary to generate sustainable returns. Markets typically misvalue the risks and opportunities presented by ESG factors, both in terms of the timing and the magnitude of outcomes. We believe we can enhance portfolio quality, return potential, and risk reduction by integrating financial and ESG research. Active, engaged ownership is critically important in raising the sustainability profile of our portfolios. We believe it empowers company managements to be long-term oriented and will improve the fundamentals of the companies, eventually becoming reflected in the value of their shares. These improvements may take the form of lower risk premia, higher earnings, cost savings, product and process innovation, or policy changes.

We seek to preserve and build capital through diversified portfolios of what we believe are high-quality, sustainable companies whose stocks are undervalued. We seek companies with sound governance and a history of responsible financial management that we believe are capable of consistent, visible profitability over a long time horizon.

Our strengths lie in the fundamental judgment of our experienced, close-knit investment team; our tenacious engagement work; the diversity of perspectives around our table; and our rigorous, innovative, and thoughtful investment approach.


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