Woman-Led, Women- and Employee-Owned Global ESG Investing Since 2003.

Our Vision

Transform finance to require human, community, and environmental well-being as essential for financial success.

Our Mission

Activate investor capital toward solutions for people and planet.

Our Story

Boston Common is a thoughtful, active, ESG-integrated, investment manager and global leader in shareowner engagement. For more than 20 years, we have generated competitive investment returns and challenged companies across industries to devote resources and innovation toward social equity and earth renewal.

Our Principles

We believe investors are drivers of change.

Investors have an opportunity and duty to activate capital in service of solutions for people and planet. We invest in and engage with companies that contribute to and benefit from fostering a more sustainable and equitable future.

We value our employees as our most important assets.

Using a human-centered approach, we prioritize the health and well-being of our employees, fostering an environment of growth, trust, innovation, equity, and inclusion.

We draw strength from our diversity.

The professional and lived experiences of our team are competitive advantages that enrich our culture. As a leading ESG investment manager and champion for diversity in a homogenous field, we bring a unique perspective to investing and generating impact.

We have a long-term model for success.

Our seasoned investment team, in-house research capabilities, and market-leading engagement strategies generate social & environmental impact and competitive financial returns.

We align our client’s missions with their investments.

As trusted advisors, we are guided and inspired by our clients, working together to align investments and values.

Our Team

Diverse, Seasoned, Dynamic, Independent

Praveen Abichandani, CFA

Portfolio Manager

Geeta Aiyer, CFA

President & Founder

Joana Arthur, CFA

Investment Director

Calvin Bader

ESG Associate

Sarah Beaulieu, CIMA®

Marketing Manager

Constantina Bichta, PhD

Associate Director of ESG Research

Corné Biemans

Portfolio Manager, Managing Director

Marlee Burr

Relationship Manager

Lauren Compere

Head of Stewardship & Engagement

Eshan Dalal

Compliance Analyst

David D’Attanasio

Portfolio Implementer & Trading Coordinator

Tara Doyle

Senior Vice President, Business Development & Strategic Marketing

Kathleen Egan

Director of Corporate Purpose & Talent Management

Kristina Eisnor

Chief Operating Officer & Chief Compliance Officer

Sharon Flynn

Compliance Analyst

Lei Ge, CFA

Global Equity Analyst

Kate Genovese

Operations Manager

Kev Hart, CIMA®

Director of Marketing & Brand Strategy

Steven Heim

Director of ESG Research

Dennis Huang

Senior Portfolio Operations Associate

Kristin Jenko

Head of Client Service

Abbott Lawrence, CFA

Global Equity Analyst

Linh Le

Portfolio Operations Associate

Ashley Lyon

Senior Vice President, Business Development

Allyson McDonald

Chief Executive Officer

Matthew Meade, CFA

Global Equity Analyst

Tina Norman

RFP Writer and Data Analyst

Amy Orr

Director of US Shareholder Engagement

Hilary Petit

Senior Client Service Associate

Tom Richardson

Head of Operations & Technology

Caitlyn Reinfurt

Investment Research Associate

Marykelly Smith


Kevin Ssonko

ESG Associate

Jonathan Starr, CFA

Global Equity Analyst

Liz Su, CFA

Portfolio Manager

Khine Thant

ESG Research Analyst

Andrew Thompson, CFP®

Investment Director, Multi Asset Solutions

Kirt Thorne

Client Service Associate

Margien Tolson, CFA

Global Equity Analyst / Portfolio Implementation

Dennis Topakov

Senior Client Service Associate

Shushih Tseng

Senior Accountant

Leah Turino, CFP®

Head of ESG Integration

Sam Warner, CAIA

Senior Client Service Associate

Matt Zalosh, CFA

CIO, International Strategies

Tony Zou

ESG Associate

Our Name

Since 1634, the Boston Common, America’s oldest public park, has served as a community space owned by no one yet essential to all. Like “The Common”, our work stands at the intersection of the ecologic and economic realms, working toward responsible, equitable prosperity in our local and global community.

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