Annual Impact Report

Seventh Annual Impact Report | July 2023

Dear reader,

In 2022, ESG faced a new level of scrutiny. The EU deepened regulatory efforts and its focus on climate mitigation and human rights. In contrast, the ideological divide in the US fueled politicized anti-ESG narratives. Increasing attention to ESG investing from regulators has spawned efforts to curtail greenwashing and raise standards of credibility for ESG investing. But this hasn’t stopped politicians from targeting responsible investing by casting doubt on its role in fulfilling fiduciary duty.

Amid the regulatory uncertainty and political hostility, Boston Common’s ESG-integrated philosophy defines an approach that strategically differentiates us from other investors. This provides a unique advantage, broadening our understanding of investment risks and opportunities. Our company engagement strategy augments the impact of our responsible allocation of capital by further tracing a path toward sustainable long-term change, while fostering public and private sector cooperation along the way.

Boston Common’s stewardship and engagement work has been integral to our mission to activate investor capital toward solutions for people and planet for the last twenty years. We will continue to use all available stewardship tools to promote business ecosystem change by engaging portfolio companies to improve policies, processes, products, and practices.

In Solidarity,

Compere, Lauren

Lauren Compere,

Managing Director, Head of Stewardship & Engagement

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Report Highlights

Activating Engagement in Asia

We visited Asia to engage companies and meet with regulators. These in-person connections provided a deeper understanding of corporate culture, sustainable governance, and ESG Momentum.

Promoting Ethical AI

We supported the WBA Digital Inclusion’s focus on ethical artificial intelligence as co-chair of a collaborative engagement with Fidelity International.

Just Transition & Sustainable Solar

We collaborated with investors to support Just Transition with utility company Eversource, and support the development of sustainable solar practices through the Investors for Sustainable Solar initiative.

Prioritizing Gender Equity

We developed an Investor Guide for Prioritizing Gender, and leveraged the investor guide to engage EU policymakers and companies on advancing women in the workplace.

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