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Netflix Shareholders Approve Proposal on Enhanced Lobbying Disclosure

Netflix shareholders approve proposal on enhanced lobbying disclosure and oversight following dialogue with Boston Common. On June 2, a Netflix vote on adopting enhanced oversight and disclosure regarding lobbying practices – a proposal that Boston Common was the lead filer on - was approved by 60.4% of shareholders. We are hopeful that Netflix will take the steps recommended in our dialogue – a conversation we initiated in the lead-up to the company’s decision to hold a vote on the shareholder proposal. Mindful of the unlimited financial influence corporations have on the political process in the US and beyond, Boston Common [...]

The Other Energy Solution

Geeta Aiyer The energy crisis of the 1970s precipitated a transformation in the auto industry: large gas guzzlers were replaced by small, efficient cars. Fuel efficiency in miles per gallon rose sharply, reducing demand for expensive gasoline, thereby lowering dependence on imported oil. Yet as oil prices rise the discussion today has focused primarily on how to solve the supply problem in energy, i.e., how to produce MORE oil, natural gas, coal, and even renewables. No talk yet about how to use LESS, how to cut energy waste, increase efficiency, redesign for energy productivity, and embrace demand reduction – the [...]

Standing With the People of Ukraine

Our hearts are heavy witnessing the Russian invasion of the sovereign nation of Ukraine, an aggressive military escalation putting the lives and freedom of Ukraine’s people at risk with impacts reverberating across the world. Russia’s war on Ukraine raises very difficult prospects for Europe with the potential for vast negative repercussions worldwide. While the situation remains unpredictable and a wider-scale war in Europe is a real risk, Putin seems to have mistakenly calculated that division among NATO members would play to his advantage. Mindful of this, we are encouraged by signs over the weekend of an emerging “coalition of the [...]

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Conservation Law Foundation Partners With Boston Common Asset Management on Values- and Mission-Aligned Investment Strategy

100% of Conservation Law Foundation’s Invested Funds to be Managed by Boston Common Asset Management BOSTON–Conservation Law Foundation (“CLF”), a nonprofit, member-supported organization working to solve the most significant environmental challenges facing New England, and Boston Common Asset Management, LLC (“Boston Common”), an independent, partner-owned global equity manager dedicated to integrated environmental, social, and governance (ESG) impact investing, today announced a partnership designed to fully align CLF’s invested funds with the organization’s mission and values by entrusting Boston Common to manage its entire endowment. “CLF is committed to living our mission with everything we do,” said Bradley Campbell, President of CLF. [...]

Huffington Post: On Borrowed Time: Global Banks Must Keep Pace in a Fast-changing Climate

The banking sector attendees at Davos this week will have heard a lot about ‘Responsible Leadership’, especially the leadership required to shift private capital towards a low carbon economy. But a Boston Common Asset Management report on 28 of the world’s largest banks, released on day one of Davos, finds the sector is progressing too slowly to address the climate-related risks from those they lend to. The report, backed by a $500bn coalition of investors, praises several banks including Citigroup, UBS, Barclays and PNC Financial for their climate related innovations, but says the banking sector as a whole is falling short. Over [...]

Making Gender Visible

Women Investing in Women Boston Common Asset Management goes beyond gender lens investing to drive gender equity with our investor guidance for prioritizing gender that calls upon investors and uses a full value chain approach to drive global gender equity. Geeta Aiyer, CFA Exclusion and harm on the basis of gender are so pervasive as to be invisible, normalized, and ignored. Like racial exploitation, gender-based inequity, violence, and harassment are woven into commerce, economics, and social systems. Human trafficking – modern-day slavery for supply chains, personal servitude, and sexual exploitation – is largely gender driven. Women are universally underpaid [...]

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Boston Common Asset Management Launches EMERGING MARKETS MUTUAL FUND, the Boston Common ESG Impact Emerging Markets Fund

The Fund Expands the Firm’s Commitment to Integrated ESG Impact Investing BOSTON, MA, September 20, 2021 – Boston Common Asset Management, LLC (“BCAM”), an independent, employee-owned global equity manager dedicated to integrated environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing, today announced the launch of a new emerging markets mutual fund, the Boston Common ESG Impact Emerging Markets Fund [ticker: BCEMX], “the fund.” The fund, managed to the firm’s EM strategy with a track record of nearly nine years, will provide investors with the opportunity to invest in a diversified portfolio of Emerging Market companies with sound governance and sustainable business models. [...]

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Boston Common Asset Management Announces Appointment of Joana Arthur, CFA, as Investment Director; Team Expansion

Firm’s Assets Under Management Have Doubled Since the End of 2019 ESG Team and Operations Team Add Personnel BOSTON, MA, [July 29, 2021] – Boston Common Asset Management, LLC (“Boston Common”), an independent, women-led and majority women- and employee-owned global equity manager dedicated to integrated environmental, social, and governance (ESG) impact investing, announced the appointment of Joana Arthur, CFA, as Investment Director. In her new role, Ms. Arthur will represent Boston Common’s portfolio decisions to existing and prospective investors. Ms. Arthur has more than 25 years of experience in emerging markets and international equities. Prior to Boston Common, Ms. Arthur was [...]

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Press Release: Investors call on AT&T to address anti-Native bias at CNN

On June 7, 2021, Boston Common Asset Management and Mercy Investment Services sent an investor letter to AT&T regarding CNN and anti-Native bias. 50 investors and organizations with over $100 billion in assets under management recommended steps CNN can take to improve programming, staff, and contributors related to Native Americans. Many of the signatories of the letter to AT&T were part of shareholder advocacy that pushed the Washington Football Team to retire its racist name and mascot in July 2020 following decades of Native-led advocacy on the issue. Read the full investor letter here Investor Toolkit available here

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PRESS RELEASE: Boston Common Asset Management Names Leah Turino Head of ESG Integration

BOSTON, April 14 2021--Boston Common Asset Management has named Leah Turino, CFP®, Head of ESG Integration, a role designed to strengthen the organization’s integrated ESG investment process. As part of this key, cross-functional position, Leah will be responsible for the continued development, repeatability, and articulation of Boston Common’s integration strategy and processes. She will draw on her experience performing, improving, and implementing ESG research integration processes to augment Boston Common’s existing leadership in this area. Through dedicated partnership with the ESG team, she will act as a liaison between ESG Research & Engagement, Financial Research, and Relationship Management & Marketing functions. Leah will [...]

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