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ESG’s Underperformance in 2022 Reflects Style Shift, Not Merit

Michelle Buckley, CFA, CAIA Portfolio Manager, Director of Multi-Asset Strategies As 2022 came to a close, rankings of the year’s best- and worst-performing ESG funds tended to highlight Value’s dominance over Growth and exposure to Technology as key factors influencing U.S. Equity ESG funds’ relative underperformance. Indeed, investors tend to perceive Technology — one of the year’s worst-performing sectors— as less carbon-intensive, making it a favored sector for energy-focused ESG funds. Likewise, the market’s recent pivot from Growth to Value is also a headwind for many ESG-minded investors, as an awareness of ESG criteria, particularly those that affect [...]

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Impact Report: Global Impact Equity Strategy 2021/2022

Global Impact Equity Strategy 2021/2022 This 2nd annual Impact Report for our Global Impact strategy comes to you at a time of volatile global financial market conditions, noticeable impacts of climate change, and an energy crisis that has intensified the rush towards energy transition. Amid the resulting instability and uncertainty, we continue to see opportunity for global, solutions-oriented companies to build a circular economy, address widespread inequity, and forge a path to net-zero carbon emissions. Please read on to learn more about our approach and our impact. Global Impact Strategy Report

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Investor Guidance for Prioritizing Gender

Prioritizing Gender Investor Brief | June 2022 Lauren Compere, Head of Stewardship & Engagement Companies are mistakenly viewing gender solely in the context of DEI efforts. Investor approaches tend to focus only on board or leadership diversity. Even across initiatives focused on human rights or on the S in ESG, gender is addressed implicitly at best. Investors thus have an opportunity to drive meaningful change in gender equity and diversity. Recognizing this opportunity, Boston Common developed a full value chain approach to engaging companies on Workplace Racial Equity in 2020. In 2022, we are also prioritizing gender across the full [...]

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Bold, Innovative, & Just Investor Action

Boston Common’s Climate Action Plan By Lauren Compere, Managing Director, Head of Stewardship & Engagement The Amazon is now emitting more carbon dioxide than it can absorb. According to the 2021 IPCC report, immediate, rapid, and large-scale action is necessary to ensure emissions peak by 2025 and warming is limited to 1.5°C. Ending deforestation and investing in natural climate solutions could account for up to 1/3rd of what’s needed to meet the Paris climate target while simultaneously supporting global goals to halt and reverse biodiversity loss by 2030. Since inception, Boston Common has prioritized investment in key climate-change mitigation strategies. [...]

Two Decades of Climate Leadership

Boston Common’s History of Decarbonizing Portfolios Boston Common Asset Management has long been a leading investor voice on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues. Well before climate change became a common concern, we began avoiding investments in the worst contributors to climate change and choosing instead to invest in companies focused on renewable energy, climate change mitigation and adaptation, process efficiency, and economic circularity. We engaged companies directly and collaboratively to improve operations, reduce GHG emissions, and increase efficiency, and over time adapted our approach, applying innovative tactics such as pushing banks to address climate risk in their financing, [...]

ESG in Emerging Markets: Unlocking Sustainable Growth

October 2021 We are excited to share our latest insights on why many Emerging Markets (EM) companies are among the leading sustainability adopters on the global ESG stage: “ESG in Emerging Markets: Unlocking Sustainable Growth.” This new report follows the  recent launch of a new mutual fund vehicle for our EM strategy — a strategy with an almost decade-long track record that has always focused on providing investors with the opportunity to invest in a diversified portfolio of EM companies with sound governance and sustainable business models. Key themes include: ESG investing in Emerging Markets (“EM”) is evolving from traditional risk mitigation to [...]

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IMPACT REPORT: Global Impact Equity Strategy

Our First Impact Report for our Global Impact Strategy We are excited to share with you the first Impact Report for our Global Impact Strategy. The report focuses on the outcomes of our shareowner engagement activity and the cumulative impact generated by the solutions leaders that the Global Impact strategy invests in. The report also encompasses our broader engagement impacts from 2020 through the first half of 2021, highlighting and updating the scope of our initiatives and projects at the firm level featured in our firm-wide impact report released earlier this year. Read on for details on how we allocate [...]

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IMPACT REPORT: Delivering Equitable, Ethical, and Environmental Returns

Our Fifth Annual Impact Report Boston Common’s fifth annual impact report comes at a pivotal moment. As post-pandemic economies begin to take shape, we are struck by what we’ve learned from this challenging time and the opportunities it has afforded to support businesses that address climate change, racial inequity, health risks, and human rights. While in lockdown, we examined the corporate landscape while considering how to build back better and engaged with companies across a range of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues. Reflecting on our ongoing engagement and thought leadership work, in 2020 we: Helped develop a global standard [...]

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From Awareness to Action: Turning pledges into practice

Geeta Aiyer, President and Founder On Juneteenth last year, just weeks after George Floyd's murder, we promised to rededicate ourselves as investors and movement builders to the tasks of advancing antiracism and building a shared future with fairness, inclusion, and collective wellbeing. This past year has heaped new tragedy and economic hardship on communities of color as the pandemic and recession took their toll. The year also brought statements of solidarity and ambition from many companies; others built awareness and education. This Juneteenth, the imperative is to move from awareness to action, from pledges to practice. Recognizing the economic roots [...]

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