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Boston Common’s President Geeta Aiyer was in the COP21 ‘blue zone’ in Paris for Energy Day, as the investor voice on energy efficiency during the historic negotiations. I sat down with her to ask about the role of investors in achieving COP21’s goals. Here’s our chat:

“Q. Will we be marking 12 December 2065 as the 50 anniversary of the day we finally took the transition to a low carbon economy seriously?

Geeta: The historic agreement signed this month in Paris by global leaders, is the exciting first major step in a very important journey! COP21 set a level of ambition unprecedented at climate summits. For the first time ever, we as individuals and investors have a clear, long-term goal to achieve an early peak of greenhouse gas emissions and zero overall global emissions in the second half of this century.”

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Published On: July 28, 2015Categories: In the News