Investing for a Just, Equitable, and Sustainable World

Our Impact is Threefold

We urge portfolio companies to protect the earth’s natural resources and minimize environmental risks through sustainable practices: reducing resource use, transitioning to net-zero carbon emissions, conserving water, and working towards a circular economy.

Two decades of climate leadership

0% direct investment in fossil fuels

80% fewer emissions among investment strategies

58 banks engaged on climate risk

Our investment strategies seek companies that respect workers as assets rather than costs, promoting human rights, equity, and non-discrimination around the world.

39 companies engaged on racial equity

Voted against 70 companies on gender or racial board diversity

GlaxoSmithKline committed to increasing female representation in senior roles to over 37%.

Engaged Hoya on human rights policies resulting in the establishment of a helpline accessible to all workers.

As advocates for fair, inclusive, and accountable corporate culture, we encourage companies to adopt ethical, transparent policies on hiring, pay, and political involvement.

95 companies engaged on COVID-19 response

44 corporate policies, processes, or products improved through our engagements

10 shareholder resolutions filed in the U.S.

Voted in favor of 70% of 116 ESG shareowner proposals at 56 companies

Impact Spotlight

2021 Impact Report

Boston Common’s 2021 environmental, social, & governance impacts

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Active Investor Impact Update

At the start of 2022, we refocused our engagement priorities to include inclusive finance, digital inclusion, gender equity, and sustainable solar, and these themes have guided us toward early 2022 engagement results, headlined by a recent victory with Netflix. Read our Active Investor Impact Update for 2022 highlights and more on our 2021 Impact Report.


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