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Full-service investment management for pension funds, endowments, foundations, mission-driven organizations, nonprofits, and faith-based organizations


Personalized asset allocation and investment management for high-net-worth individuals and families

Consultants and Advisors

Dedicated services and strategies for our ESG counterparts at consulting firms

Our Process

Through an ESG-integrated investment process, we combine a comprehensive understanding of ESG criteria with rigorous financial research to identify responsible investment opportunities exhibiting long-term drivers of success.

The Investable Universe

We narrow the initial investment universe using financial and ESG-related quality criteria and market capitalization considerations. We exclude companies that have consistently lost money, taken on unsustainable levels of debt, or experienced such volatile operating performance that we lack confidence in projections about future profitability. We also exclude companies that make harmful products, have caused egregious harm to stakeholders, or have a history of poor governance.

Fundamental Focus

We create a focus list to include companies with favorable fundamental outlooks versus market expectations; attractive, sector-appropriate valuation relative to future earnings, cash flow, and net asset value; and demonstrated ESG leadership and vision. We examine the sector-relative material risks and opportunities impacting companies and produce detailed ESG-integrated research reports at the company and sector levels that highlight emerging issues, best-in-class practices, risks, and opportunities.

Diversified Portfolio Construction

We finalize selection and build diversified portfolios based on themes identified by global sector analysis, ESG research, and macroeconomic assessment using interdisciplinary risk management.

Active, Engaged Ownership

We actively engage with the companies we invest in, working to improve their ESG initiatives. Our engagement priorities focus on climate change & earth renewal, health & community well-being, and inclusion & empowerment. Over time, our work has carved a path and developed models for effective portfolio company engagement with meaningful results.

Active Investment Strategies

We offer a variety of investment strategies that integrate our Comprehensive ESG Guidelines as well as solutions for clients seeking investment and mission alignment. Available strategy vehicles include separate accounts, commingled funds, and mutual funds.

Investment Strategies

Mutual Funds

Boston Common ESG Impact Funds invest in U.S. and international markets with a focus on sustainability and responsibility. We prioritize companies that find innovative solutions to the challenges in their industries, communities, and the world. Explore the entire family of Boston Common ESG Impact Funds, prospectus documents, fact sheets, and more.

Quarterly Webinars

Our quarterly webinars focus on our integrated ESG investment strategies. We dive into factors influencing past performance, our forward-looking positioning and outlook, and an update on our shareowner engagement initiatives and company commitments.

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