Meet Our CEO, Ally McDonald

In January, our President and Founder Geeta Aiyer, announced that Allyson McDonald joined Boston Common in our newly created CEO role. With extensive experience in traditional investment settings, over the last several years Ally has also become an accomplished entrepreneur in the ESG/Gender Lens Investing space. She has consulted for firms like Calvert and Trillium, is a founding partner of the PaxEllevate Global Women’s Leadership Fund, and an owner and former Global President of Ellevate Network, a global business network of female entrepreneurs and executives.  

This powerful combination of experiences has put her in a unique place – at the intersection of investments, social entrepreneurship, and non-profit development – familiar territory ever since her days at Holy Cross, where she majored in Economics with a minor in Peace and Conflict Studies.  

“In everything I have done I have tried to follow my college mantra of ‘Men and Women for Others’, which is best said today as being a ‘Person for Others’.”  

Ally’s mindful, compassionate approach and her passion for ESG & Gender Lens issues is reflected in her philanthropic interests, which focus on supporting women and girls’ organizations using education as a means of social justice and poverty alleviation, for example, Komera and Strong Women Strong Girls.  

Ally’s success has been reflected in the quality and speed of her rise and results. All of us at Boston Common are excited to have her leading our team into our next phase of development.

Published On: April 9, 2020Categories: In the News