Engagement Philosophy

Activating Capital Beyond Financial Returns

The Roots of Our Investment Approach


A Culture of Integration

Recognize ESG criteria within financial analysis to build diversified, responsible investment portfolios

Generate Returns and Create Impact

Seek competitive investment returns, investing in companies that contribute to and benefit from more sustainable growth

Active, Engaged Ownership

Improve products, processes, and policies of the companies we invest in

What is Active, Engaged Ownership?

We use our voice as stewards of capital to challenge companies across industries to redirect capital, research and development, and innovation towards social equity and environmental regeneration.

Through collaborative dialogue with executive managements we have meaningfully changed corporate behavior.

Stewards of Shareholder Engagement and Meaningful Change

We use shareholder leverage to influence corporate and industry practices globally, often in collaboration with coalitions of shareowners and activist organizations.

For two decades, we have engaged portfolio companies worldwide on ESG-related risks and opportunities.

We vote in support of respect for human rights, gender equity, and environmental stewardship; and we advocate for ethical, transparent, and accountable corporate cultures through:

  • Improving disclosure and transparency.
  • Increasing Board diversity and independence.
  • Enhancing Board and management accountability to shareholders.

Full US guidelines available here.

Full international guidelines available here.

We demonstrate the business case for responsible corporate practices by funding and supporting public rankings and scorecards in areas such as hydraulic fracturing, toxic chemicals, and access to nutrition.
We participate in annual general meetings, advise shareholders on ESG initiatives, and file and support shareholder proposals encouraging greater transparency and accountability among portfolio companies.
We lead or co-lead investor collaborations via our membership in the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), CDP, and the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility (ICCR), among others. Geeta Aiyer, president and founder of Boston Common, was elected for a three-year term to the PRI’s Association Board in 2014.
We correspond with state and federal legislators, regulators, and industry associations to address systemic risks and support the health of financial markets.
Setting Standards & Metrics Shareholder Proposals & Annual Meetings International Collaboration Public Policy Participation Sustained Dialogue Proxy Voting Promote Long-term Thinking, Transparency & Accountability

Taking Action as Active Investors

Balancing ESG-related expertise with strategic advocacy, we are committed to improving portfolio companies and encouraging responsible corporate conduct.

Activate your investments to build strong, sustained returns.

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