We are excited to share a positive development at Boston Common: Affiliated Managers Group, Inc. (AMG) has made an investment in our firm in an arrangement that will enhance our financial stability and distribution opportunities while also increasing our employee ownership and maintaining our autonomy as an independent, women-led, and majority women- and employee-owned firm.

AMG has purchased a 15%, permanent capital stake in Boston Common, replacing Rosemont Investment Partners as a minority equity holder in our firm. Boston Common’s employee-owners have purchased the remaining 5% of Rosemont’s ownership, expanding employee ownership to 85%. Rosemont became an investor in Boston Common in a 2016 transaction that allowed us to significantly broaden employee equity at the time. The eventual repurchase of Rosemont’s stake was part of that 2016 agreement.

Boston Common’s management team and principals remain the majority (85%) equity owners, retaining full governance control of all aspects of the business and thus preserving our operational autonomy and investment independence. This new partnership with AMG will enable Boston Common to continue delivering the same rigorous financial and ESG analysis, active portfolio management, and impactful shareowner engagement that our clients expect.

Our intention has always been to build an enduring, independent, employee-owned investment firm positioned to enjoy sustainable growth and create impact. In AMG, we have identified a long-term-oriented partner and collaborator aligned with our culture and approach that is ready to support and complement our growth objectives.

Affiliated Managers Group (NYSE: AMG) has partnered with many of the world’s most highly regarded independent investment firms (its “Affiliates”). We view AMG’s approach as the industry standard given its track record in supporting and enhancing the long-term growth and sustainability of partner-owned firms, preserving Affiliate independence, and maintaining alignment of interests. AMG’s team will help us gain distribution access across the globe, expanding and diversifying our investor base and enhancing our overall business stability and long-term impact.

We have been fortunate to be on a shared journey with our clients to invest for a sustainable future, activating capital and shareowner voice to help create a more equitable, regenerative economy. This partnership with AMG will enhance our ability to serve our clients and solidify our position as an enduring, women-led investment firm dedicated to the pursuit of financial return and social change.

Published On: February 1, 2021Categories: In the News