Margien has over 30 years of experience in equity research, portfolio management, and client relationship management. Her background in equity research spans several sectors: from consumer to energy to her current coverage focus on REITs & Real Estate and Diversified Financials. As part of the Boston Common investment team, she leads Fixed Income implementation and is a member of the Asset Allocation team.

Margien maintains several long-term client relationships both from her time on the West and East Coasts of the US. Previously, she worked at Stanford Investment Group, and for Trainer Wortham, a division of First Republic Bank, as a portfolio manager. Margien served first as Director of Research and then as Chief Investment Officer at Nelson Capital Management and worked at RCM Capital Management in both portfolio management and research positions.

Margien received her BA from the University of Pennsylvania and her MBA from the University of San Francisco. She believes strongly in financial education for youth and women. A world traveler, Margien has lived in Singapore, spent much time in the UK and Europe with family and has hopes for travels yet to come, specifically South America.